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rights in Africa: A comment on conceptual linkages. Sisule Fredrick Musungu*. Consultant, Programme on International Trade and Development, South Centre.

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I need your energy and motivation! My daughter was here in March from CA. Once again you have nailed it!

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My biggest struggle since resigning from working out of the home is trying not to get too focused on work inside the home. I try to schedule certain days and times for household work which only I can do, try to include the kids with helping on things that are appropriate for them to do and allow for time that is strictly devoted to members of our household. Julie, thank you for articulating what I trying to figure out to say! Yes, this is exactly it for me too. And yelling at my kids too much instead of getting in their space. I work outside the home only one day a week. I am not organized by nature.

I stay up way too late, all the time, but it is particularly relevant on Sunday night because I go to work on Mondays. I am so exhausted at work and additionally, have an on my feet all day lifting patients, etc kind of job and dead to the world by the time I get home. I need to get myself organized with a Monday routine and a Sunday bedtime! But so far for me, the only thing worse than the thought of drowning in all the stuff, is the work required to do something about it.

Maybe we can hold each other accountable? I think you always have to start in the place that brings you the most stress. Make a small list of how you want to improve it, with a deadline, and get after it. And, find an accountability buddy. I think we all go through seasons where we struggle and even those of us that are organized by nature have those same challenges. You can do it, Lauren!

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Does it speak to our heart? Spark true joy?

If yes, we keep it. So inspire me, girl! Short term, our goal is to get our home ready to place on the market. It may sound crazy, and I have no idea where and when we are being called, but I intuitively know God is preparing us for a move. Like you guys, our life goal is to live more simply, with fewer things and distractions so that holy leisure simply becomes woven into the very fabric of our daily lives. Oh my goodness. Do I need to jump on this train?! He started to concoct a novel from his imagination, his education and the strange electronic tedium of his job.

You Bright And Risen Angels was an obsessive page account of a war for world domination between 'revolutionary' insects and 'reactionary' electricity. It jumped around like sped-up Pynchon, as Vollmann let a quarter of a century of thinking and watching pour out in paragraph-free pages.

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Some of it was just intellectual throat-clearing; much, American publishers agreed, was incomprehensible; but it dazzled Esther Whitby at Andre Deutsch in London 'at once I knew it was astonishing' , and so Vollmann got a publisher and, on the book's publication in , a widening ripple of excited reviews. While critics salivated over its 'electronic consciousness', he was writing about the skinheads, drunks and prostitutes that he saw on San Francisco's street corners at weekends, establishing his modus operandi as a passive, but all-seeing 'recording angel'.

He even showed the skinheads a draft of what he was writing, and included their critique - 'It should be cut, maybe to about half a page' - in the published version. The books that resulted - The Rainbow Stories , Whores For Gloria - were an odd semi-fictional mixture of relentless, Charles Bukowski-style street brutality and lyrical epiphanies, usually inside the heads of the doomed characters. Vollmann likes to be literal. To learn about prostitutes he slept and smoked crack with them, then listed all the relevant prices at the back of Whores For Gloria.

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His life is mostly just material for his books because, by his intimidatingly direct logic, that's the obvious thing to do. There's not much else: 'This year I've been home seven or eight days. This is really my girlfriend's house. I don't really know much about Sacramento. He goes into more detail about where we should order hamburgers for lunch.

But, nice as he is - offering cold drinks for the road back, asking questions back that imply genuine interest - his gaze, made fiercer by his squint, focuses beyond you. He reads ferociously: 'Anything I can learn from or anyone who can write a beautiful sentence. He has published volumes one and two; The Rifles is volume six. He once read all 74 books of French explorers' reports on 17th-century Canada.

His writing voice in Seven Dreams constantly switches from childlike wonder at nature to formal period speech, as if the idealistic Vollmann were fighting the erudite, streetwise Vollmann on the page. The Vollmann fiction factory is a wide upstairs study: a fat, humming computer, a wall of books William Burroughs, Elizabethan poetry, Eskimo history , a string of press cards and notebooks of large scrawl ready to be fed in, processed and published. Currently he's working simultaneously on a collection of prose poems, a book about an imaginary eastern European state, an essay about violence, a writer's guide and three more volumes of the Seven Dreams.

Sometimes he types for 16 hours a day. He also illustrates his books, with ethereal prints and watercolours of his dirty characters.

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Vollmann makes people suspicious, makes other writers and critics feel insecure. Some say his mass of work, with its web of internal cross-references and repeated themes truth in extremity, the beauty of nature, human weakness looks impressive from a distance, but up close is thrown together, over-written, wilfully difficult.

Others think he's too good to be true: the New York Times got a letter claiming Vollmann was a hoax after it published a profile. What is clear is that he is still a cult writer, with a few critical champions, some obsessive fans jailbirds and young girls, he says , much switching of publishers and relatively poor sales. His research can be expensive - his dangerous journalism has financial as well as artistic and philosophical motivations. And Sacramento's newspaper still spells his name wrong in its local literary round-ups.

Vollmann is disarmingly direct about his reputation, as he seems to be about everything: 'Most people I don't think actually read the books. They look at 'em, and maybe flick through 'em a little bit. They see lotsa words, maybe not too many paragraph indentations, and they figure they're good doorstops.

But there are signs that his work affects him. He asks me not to use his girlfriend's name because 'she's gotten death threats'. And he bought a gun to protect himself when he was reporting for The Rainbow Stories. Now, up in his study a second time, he pulls out his squat black gun box to show me. It'd be great if somebody ever broke into the house. I could just stand there at the top of the stairs, and they'd see a little red dot on their chest.

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