Dostoevskys religion

rights in Africa: A comment on conceptual linkages. Sisule Fredrick Musungu*. Consultant, Programme on International Trade and Development, South Centre.

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Volume Dostoevsky's Religion. By Steven Cassedy Dostoevsky's Religion.

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The Brothers Karamazov

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Dostoevsky's Religion

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LITERATURE - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Now consider this dilemma: Either something is morally right because god makes it so, or god makes it right because it is moral. If something is right because a god makes it so, then god could possibly change it for all we know , and then the right could instead be the wrong. A different mode of criticism is now needed. I think that a second dilemma can be applied to demolish this theological strategy. Some of those debates especially in Book Five bring up the modern problem of evil: How could a perfect, all-good God permit evil in the world?

enter site The skeptical brother is not impressed by this answer. Once again, a religious theory of morality tries to guarantee that morality is perfectly fixed by a good god. But the modernist appeal to human ignorance has curious consequences, which Dostoevsky noticed.