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This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. As usual, outside forces are creating problems and the ruling Comyn are struggling to be true to themselves and to their world. Of course, it will be so much easier with the Internet, LOL. It so satisfies my need for data and order.

Which sums up the main theme: acknowledging our chains, whether they are worn openly or those of the mind. It helps make him both normal and rather pathetic, reinforcing the frustration with which Ross has infused his character. This journey will make him. He will come to learn the true meaning of the blood in his veins.

Not what he had thought it meant.

I have to confess that I am surprised he was as clueless as he was when he first arrived in Carthon, the immaturity reflected in his thoughts and actions. As desperate as Linnea is to find her daughter after all these years, this was just too easy and too improbable. Centuries of tradition, of family, wars and alliances, culture, economics, betrayals, evolution. I am so pleased that Ross carried on with this story.

Child of the Heart (Darkover Short Stories) by Elisabeth Waters

Part of me hopes she will continue. Ooh, I like that bit about the embroidery and its purpose on clothing. Gareth is fed up with his uselessness, with how everyone looks at him and sees only a crazy Elhalyn. The Compact is everything, every thing, on Darkover. Learning of the possibility of a Federation ship whose captain is handing out blasters to Dry Towners, Gareth intends to discover the truth of it and prevent such a violation of the Compact.

The result is a bunch of children running around the estate who all call Ellemir "Mama," regardless of their biological parentage.

The Winds of Darkover

She just mothers any child in range. None of them will claim him as his own, which royally pisses him off. Mandatory Motherhood : and how. Not only can nobody conceive of such a thing as being wanted, Darkover used to have breeding programs for laran. The Comyn still insists on everyone having as many kids as possible with other Comyn at a time in the past, it was forbidden for one woman to have more than two children by the same man: a Darkovan woman a little patronizingly explains to an Earthwoman the concept of "genetic pool".

Camilla of Darkover Landfall and Rohana of the Renunciate trilogy particularly were not thrilled to have lots of kids. This attitude is of course a legacy of the Landfall era when it was vital for all fertile females to have as many children as they could manage by several different fathers to establish a sufficiently large and varied gene pool to guarantee the survival of our species on Darkover.

Publication: Free Amazons of Darkover

The Magocracy : The planet is ruled by a king and seven noble houses, and the heir to those positions must have laran. Subversion: those who actually specialize in the use of laran are supposed to stay in the Towers and out of government. Matriarchy : While Darkover as a whole is extremely patriarchal, women head the Aillard Domain. May-December Romance : actually not done on Darkover, or at least marrying someone not of your generation isn't, because they might very well BE your father. Mind Over Manners : After the time of Varzil the Good, those with telepathic gifts are expected to be extremely conscientious with their powers.

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Those with the Alton Gift are held to particularly high standards. Obstructive Code of Conduct : The Compact forbids the use of any non-melee weapons. When it's broken, the results are usually a bad thing. One Steve Limit : totally averted. The same first names are used over and over and over for generations. And one book had multiple Davids.

Orphan's Plot Trinket : Jeff Kerwin grows up in the Terran Empire with no idea that the blue stone he's always worn is the matrix of his Keeper mother Cleindori; when he finally comes back to Darkover, the Comyn identify him through the matrix.

No Periods, Period : In Hawkmistress! Planetary Romance : Although nominally Science Fiction , any of the novels set before the rediscovery are indistinguishable from fantasy. Polyamory : oddly enough, this seems to crop up in places. Due to breeding issues, it used to be far more acceptable to have children by various men. Particularly notable is the social custom of it being okay for a wife's sister to sleep with her husband should she be unable to do so. Ellemir, Callista, Andrew, and Damon seem to have fallen into a polyamorous foursome by the end of The Forbidden Tower Regis Hastur seems to have this going on with his wife Linnea and his paxman Danilo.

The Power of Love : in Two to Conquer , this redeems both protagonists.

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Precursors : The chieri reveal that they are the dying remnants of what was once a galaxy-spanning race of Sufficiently Advanced aliens. Psychic Powers : Laran. Psycho Electro : Dorilys of Rockraven, the titular Stormqueen! She's a Spoiled Brat because who can stand up against her? Reincarnation Romance : it's implied that Mikhail and Marguerida are this, to the point of going back in time and being mistaken for a thwarted couple named Mikhailangelo and Margarethe.

Reset Button : Exile's Song largely ignores the important evolution of Darkovan society and politics that had been clearly established in previous books.

SFF community reeling after Marion Zimmer Bradley's daughter accuses her of abuse

Gradual rapprochement between Darkover and the Terran Empire is no longer happening or desirable. In Traitor's Sun , the Terran Empire leaves and this is described as a very positive thing. Residual Self Image : The form a person takes in the Overworld is based almost completely on the way they picture themselves. It may not even be human in form. Retcon : The author later stated that the FTL accident that sent the colony ship off-course also sent it through time, accounting for the disparity between the long Darkovan history and the much shorter history of the Terran Empire.

She got better. Screw Yourself : In Two to Conquer , the protagonist meets up with an identical duplicate of himself. And then, well, Squick. Sex Slave : The riyachiyas in Stormqueen. Shout-Out : One of the main families of nobles is called the "Hasturs". Along with future literary collaborator Diana L. Bradley was well known for her active interest in science fiction and fantasy fandom, coediting a number of fanzines, publishing her own Lord of the Rings fan fiction, and encouraging fans to write stories in her own Darkover universe a practice she ended when she found herself in a skirmish with a fan over intellectual property issues.

Dying of a heart attack in Berkeley at sixty-six, she was credited as the author of over six dozen novels, and new works within series she began continue to be published. For many years Bradley was best remembered for The Mists of Avalon. However, posthumous allegations of child abuse have muddied her reputation. Bradley had divorced Walter H.